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Very hot video with two. Booty bent black sexy naked kikuyu kenya estimates, however, can illuminate the past. By "working backward," researchers can try to correlate these estimated age-set intervals with alleged historic incidents, remembered to have occurred when specific groups were warriors. Thus the precision of historic dating using Arabic numbers in our society is matched with often stunning accuracy by Meru age-sets.

When applied to the list of age-sets provided by elders of Imenti and Igoji, for example, this approach reveals almost three hundred years of corresponding historical events table 2.

The mere existence of these oral recollections, however vast and varied, booty bent black sexy naked kikuyu kenya not suggest that we can accept them entirely as historical records.

Rather, we should consider them reflections of past events, as once perceived then reorganized over time within the human mind. Such reflections can be subject to considerable distortion. Perhaps the most obvious distorter is the investigator. I found, for instance, that my own background initially imprisoned me, dictating not only what I talked about and with whom, but also which topics, regions, or individuals I ignored.

Like many other s investigators of Africa's past, I was not only "young, white, academic, and American" but also "educated and urban. At first I looked for only those who lived in urban centers and with higher education, primarily because they were more like me and thus seemed easier to talk to. Not surprisingly, they preferred working with educated elders and in cities bnet simultaneously tried to keep me away from the wilderness and rural regions, maked they either looked down on or feared.

If as an investigator I had absorbed naked big black ass sites pictures feelings without eventually booty bent black sexy naked kikuyu kenya both less urban and less educated staffI might never have moved far away from city centers, and my results would have been overurbanized and sbbw black pussy photo. Distortion can be compounded by Nqked geography.

Rarely do the Gituurus of a region to be researched live conveniently along the major roadsides.

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My most knowledgeable informants invariably lived in isolated rain forest villages best reached on foot. This sounds romantic when the work is being planned in California. It grows less so during heavy Meru rains at night in naaked rain secy, or when an icy fog cloaks the volcanic mountains.

In consequence the urban, educated investigator may free sex black women photos all too often tempted to restrict inquiries to accessible. Fought several skirmishes with white men. Recorded by European sources, s.

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Famine, from Igembe to Gikuyu. Recorded in Gikuyu, First to see, and fight, white men. First recorded entry into Meru, late s, written sources. Trade with Acomba men of jenya coast, i.


Embu traditions record Arabs first entering that area s and extending trade northward early s. One man still living in If 90, would have been born inentered warriorhood in the early s.

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Contact led to decades of warfare, black booty legs nude with periods of peace and intermarriage. Gradual adoption of Maasai methods of war. First age-sets to nlack contact with Mt. Kenya's earlier occupants, expelling small bands of Cushitic and Kalenjin-speaking peoples Galla, Sexh from the booty bent black sexy naked kikuyu kenya and slopes of Mt.

Crossed Tana River to reach base of Mt. Fragmentation of pre-Meru then called Ngaa into small bands, each of which approach Mt. War against Muoko; seized Tigania plains. Other bands advanced up slopes of Mt. Fleeing migrants, now known as Ngaa, seek shelter in seasonal papyrus swamps, near the mouth of today's Tana River. Pre-Meru warrior name; the pre-Meru earlier name black wife hard fucking pictures recalled lived on Mbwaa, an island kkenya still recalled.

Fled inland, initially following Tana River. Coastal Arab communities, recovering from recent expulsion of Portuguese, begin to control adjacent tribes. Possible booty bent black sexy naked kikuyu kenya to pre-Meru enslavement. The result may be swxy "history of the accessible center" of an African tribe, again distorting the past. More serious distortion may occur for sexual reasons. In Meru the sexes traditionally meet separately in their own Kiamas, or councils, to resolve those matters that concern themselves alone.

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The other sex is rigidly excluded. As a man I could direct my black teen oiled pusy porn into the Kkiuyu past primarily toward other, booty bent black sexy naked kikuyu kenya men.

Their replies could deal only with subjects considered "suitable" for men e. My efforts to inquire among elderly women about uniquely "female" curses, for example were usually rebuffed with declarations that I sought to learn things "no man should know.

Thus my data are both massively incomplete and subject kkikuyu a masculine distortion. In at least two areas, however, the investigator should distort, if only to enhance the reader's understanding. The first involves reshaping local booty bent black sexy naked kikuyu kenya into the forms required for a book. This becomes particularly important when no exact equivalent exists between the languages. Back man of Meru Mu-Merufor example, would find himself linguistically unable to translate "nuclear fission" or "genetic splicing" into the.

Meru language Ki-Meru with precision. Nor would several Meru Ba-Meru be able to translate precisely the concept of "corporate merger" into Ki-Meru, though they could achieve one without difficulty.

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The verbal equivalents simply do not exist within this language. Similarly, American English booty bent black sexy naked kikuyu kenya no linguistic equivalents for the most common Meru terms. Several of those used early in this book. Worse, the booty bent black sexy naked kikuyu kenya forms of these common terms have no equivalents in English, because Bantu-speaking peoples who predominate in much of East, South, and Central Africa change the initial letters to form plurals.

One "Kiama," for instance, becomes two "Biama. In such cases linguistic distortion becomes so inevitable that one must gulp, sigh, and provide approximate if inaccurate equivalents. In addition, the investigator of Africa's "unwritten" past must "distort" the use of footnotes. Academic practice calls for writers to cite their written sources of information, thereby allowing others access to the wellsprings of their thought. This guideline proves difficult when presenting research in which those wellsprings are aged men in rural.

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To ignore them as sources of history, however, does disservice to the past. Meticulously detailed descriptions of the "spells" once used by secret witchcraft guilds, for instance, could only have been learned from the practitioners.

Not to cite these men dishonors booty bent black sexy naked kikuyu kenya contribution and disappoints their descendants. Saying nothing of the circumstances wherein they learned and practiced what they now retell leaves the descriptions historically incomplete.

Accordingly, in addition to providing conventional citations, I also cite the men and women that I interviewed black ass images bigger black this book. Along with their names, I have indicated a "MOS" Meru oral source number, which corresponds to a listing in the Bibliography that describes each informant. There I note relevant facts about them, including full name, approximate age, precolonial status, and so forth.

Informants may also distort information. booty bent black sexy naked kikuyu kenya

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In Meru they often desire big black ebony ssbbw photos upgrade their historical roles. In Tigania, for instance, few elders described their warrior years without claiming they were once commanders, even when their relative youth or sheer lack of size cast doubt on the claim.

In Imenti some elders glorified their lineages by claiming descent from "exotic" peoples e. Conversely, some informants, raised to power under colonialism, sharply magnified their roles in spreading English ways, as was the case with one former Mwimbi chief who claimed to have "stopped booty bent black sexy naked kikuyu kenya tribal customs" in his area.

Informants may have also reshaped their recollections out of tribal, traditional, or religious patriotism.

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In narratives recounting a decade of hairy booty black fuck war" actually, reciprocal cattle raiding between Imenti and Tigania in booty bent black sexy naked kikuyu kenya s, for example, all the informants claimed victory in every battle, a problem for any investigator.

Informants may have also minimized or omitted those portions of their past of which they thought non-Africans booty bent black sexy naked kikuyu kenya disapprove. In Mwimbi, for instance, descriptions of contact with ancestral spirits Nkoma may have been altered because prior experience with whites taught informants to be wary of their Christian bias.

Conversely, Christian informants may have magnified those aspects of their histories that dealt with the early missions, speaking ecstatically about the spread of the faith but omitting all mention of the social disruption it may have caused.

Finally, the narratives may have been affected by the informant's age. The spokesmen-of-spokesmen are Meru's oldest men. The very fact of their advancing years qualifies them to speak of the past. All, however, were ill, infirm, and subject to memory lapses. When asked to identify a term connected with his warriorhood, for instance, one Mwimbi elder threw back his head and laughed in sheer joy at the pleasure the memories gave him. He settled down to describe them, opened his mouth, closed it, and then declared that he had forgotten what he knew.

Nor did he ever remember. Possible distortions, however, do not diminish the fact that each narration is a window, however fragile, through which we can glimpse aspects of the Meru past. In Imenti, for example, blak photos pussy fewer than twenty aged and respected elders recited the story of an "alien" non-Meru African said to have accompanied the tribe on its migration to Mount Kenya in the mids.

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Upon arrival, tradition states that he was executed "lest he betray the tribal location to his own people" and buried with all his tribal ornaments at a specific spot. The twenty elders all agreed upon that kdnya. Their agreement, booty bent black sexy naked kikuyu kenya, guarantees neither that such a man existed nor that his burial in fact took place.

It does, however, provide the investigator of such narrations a basis for deciding whether to buy a shovel!

booty bent black sexy naked kikuyu kenya This oral history, therefore, is not presented as a ssxy record of the Meru past. Rather, it is a collection of verbal beacons suggesting its existence. Thus, if a search such as that urged by the twenty elders were successful, it would still be incomplete. One would need to identify any artifacts found and link them to other cultures, to learn which ones had been in contact with the Meru at that time.

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Nevertheless, without consideration of the existing oral record, no search would be conducted and we would have nothing to identify. Thus in Meru, as in other societies across Africa, all verbal communication contains potential clues.

Kjkuyu child's riddle, a grandmother's cookfire tale, the quavering chant of a curse detector, or a circumcision song may all allude to some fragment of data, which once recognized and related to other fragments may lead to reconstruction of the African past.

The continued presence of these fragile verbal clues motivated this investigation. But the inquiry is near its end, for in the words of one informant, "we Murungi are like black big girls fuck movies download within the cookfires.

The demands of tradition were unrelenting and clear: The acquisition of the elders' wisdom was prerequisite to their own entry into elderhood. Only keny visiting the eldest men in Meru, bsnt "buy their wisdom" through presenting the traditional gifts, could they learn enough kwnya the Meru past to guide the future.

Today, however, booty bent black sexy naked kikuyu kenya oldest men in Meru wait out their years alone, but still hoping that younger men will once more come to seek them out. I booty bent black sexy naked kikuyu kenya sat for seven hours listening to a spokesman-of-spokesmen tell the story of every battle in the history of his region. The narration began in the blcak and dealt with a seemingly endless sequence of raids and counterraids between Maasai and Meru, Imenti and Tigania, British and African.

His words spilled out across an afternoon booty bent black sexy naked kikuyu kenya stretched back a century. They flowed past sundown and well into the night. As the moon rose, four pots of glowing coals were placed silently around the kenha elder to keep him warm and thus prevent an interruption of the chronicle.

He continued until the moon was high. Finally, the flow of words came to an end and kukuyu spokesman-of-spokesmen sat crumpled in near exhaustion. Awed, I softly asked how often he had recounted the entire chronicle. Our young ksnya have forgotten that elders have wisdom.

They have been taught it lies in books and root in them like bush pigs. But books do not contain the elders' wisdom. Black bbw monster studies of the Meru have ever been published, and almost none deal with the precolonial past from their own uniquely African perspective.

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After conquest by Britain, much of Meru culture was dismantled. Christianity absorbed the Meru spirit world. The revered elders' councils were either anglicized or driven underground. Warrior bands were replaced by battalions of youths who sought adventure on colonial tea plantations and fought for shillings instead of military glory.

The core of Meru childhood shifted from the hearth and family flocks to the blackboard of a Christian mission school. In short, much of what was uniquely Meru has been obliterated. It now exists only within the memories of those few aged men and women who still recall the tribal past. This book is intended, therefore, not as the "definitive" history of Meru but as its oral history, the past as perceived by those who lived it.

This book is their collective voice. No one remembers where it was, but it lay on the edge of a sea, at a place where the waters would go to eat grass.

The earliest Meru tradition discusses the origin of the tribe. Everyone in Meru retells portions of it.

Detailed descriptions, however, can be re-counted only be the region's most aged men, the last survivors of the Kiramana in Tigania and Igembe, Kilamunya and Murungi age-sets, the oldest in Meru.

In —, when these narrations were last re-counted, all of these men were either in or near their nineties. Several remained mentally vigorous, retelling the tradition as they had learned it from their own grandfathers. Notwithstanding, of the thousands of men who had once made up their age-sets, fewer than a dozen remained. It was a time when we lived on an island we recall as Mbwaa. Traditions describe the island as having been encircled by bitter salt water that no one could drink.

It lay sufficiently near a "mainland," however, for both people and animals to have been visible from a northwestern shore. The island was irregularly shaped "like a crooked hairy black dick fuck picturesset in a circular coral reef, and small enough to cross on foot. The earth consisted of coral and sand, although freshwater springs near its center allowed small-scale herding and agriculture.

The islanders' economy, however, was based largely on fish. Men carved booty bent black sexy naked kikuyu kenya wooden hooks to catch tiny fish along the reefs. Larger fish would either crush or break the hooks, thereby sharply limiting what could be taken. Men of Mbwaa also kept goats, sheep, and short-horned cattle.

Through trade they acquired donkeys from a people re-called as Cucu Somali. The donkeys drew water from booty bent black sexy naked kikuyu kenya wells dug near the island's center.

The booty bent black sexy naked kikuyu kenya also supported crops of millet and yams, supplemented by sugar cane, bananas, and sap from a palm that was brewed into beer. The only "wild" animal on Mbwaa was a long-haired goat. Its skin was booty bent black sexy naked kikuyu kenya, periodically, to make simple bellows for forging iron.

The chronicles declare that iron was found "everywhere" on Mbwaa. In consequence each clan contained ironsmiths who gathered the ore to forge into spear points and booty bent black sexy naked kikuyu kenya.

The island's most unusual feature was the behavior of its tides. Informants from every Meru community described these with the phrase "ruuji rugwita kuria nyaki" the water has gone to eat grass. The reference is to times, once in daylight and once at night, when the tide would flow swiftly toward the mainland "to eat grass"leaving an area recalled as "dry," but which in fact was actually mud, sprinkled with tidal pools.

This dry period was very important to the economy. Women used it to gather nude black women spread pussy big butt pictures shells, which were worn on strings around their waists for use in trade.

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Little boys gathered larger shells for the community elders, who used them as containers for everything from snuff to magic herbs. The tides served the islanders in other ways. After a certain time "it would return from eating grass" from the mainland with great force, flowing back into its channel with such speed that people caught out in the tide pools had to race for shore.

Traditions dwell upon the water's swiftness "watchmen would shout"as well as the fear that women, in particular, felt at being caught in its flow. This return tide would even sometimes catch and drown wild animals, most often elephants, which moved between Mbwaa booty bent black sexy naked kikuyu kenya the mainland. The islanders seized such occasions with great joy, stripping each corpse of ivory and meat, then saving the tusks for subsequent trade with the mainlanders.

The economic portrait that emerges from these narrations is surprisingly consistent. Mbwaa is remembered as sheltering a relatively well-ordered community, which worked hairy black xl pussyy booty bent black sexy naked kikuyu kenya survive but never knew hunger.

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The availability of iron for tools permitted big blacks moms fuck pics of a diverse economic base, in which fishing, shellfish booty bent black sexy naked kikuyu kenya, herding, and grain production all had roles. Beyond that the island's location, evidently adjacent to other communities on the mainland clearly provided both the desire and opportunity for trade.

The occasional acquisition of ivory must have provided further stimulus for trade, although in subsequent traditions it appears to have contributed directly to the community's eventual demise. No living elder recalled the location of Mbwaa. Nor, informants declare, did their grandfathers remember it. Nothing in the entire body of tradition speaks directly of the island's location.

Etemesi’s Tales | The Kinyozi Massage Girl

booty bent black sexy naked kikuyu kenya Yet the narratives are rich in clues. Much of the existing oral evidence suggests that the Meru ancestral homeland lay off the pic fat black porn sex Kenya coast, on the northwestern edge of the contemporary island of Manda.

Linguistic evidence supports this contention. Lambert, a notable linguist and former commissioner of Meru district in — and —suggests, for example, that the Meru word Mbwaa or Mbwa is derived from the Swahili term pwani beach, shore. Linguistically, the only difference is that the Swahili word "has [added] the locative ending -ni while. Lambert, writing in the s, was unable to locate Mbwaa. Yet his linguistic suggestions are supported by examination of historical variants of the word.

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The booty bent black sexy naked kikuyu kenya recent recordings of this specific tradition, those collected between andspell the island of origin as "Mbwa. Before this century, for example, the Tharaka, the tribe adjacent to contemporary Meru, were known as the Thaakaboth by neighboring African societies and the earlier European explorers. Logically, they should be known as the Thaka today, but the r was restored by conscientious nakee British administrators who inquired into their past.

Similarly, if Mbwa s—s was once Mbwaa sit wexy have been expressed still earlier as Mbwarahaving gradually contracted in the mature black nude women photos manner as Tharaka. The linkage is made stronger by the existence of a specific region—on the western side of Manda Island—known kiiuyu Mbwara Matanga.

Similarity booty bent black sexy naked kikuyu kenya names, of course, is inconclusive. Yet the word matanga is also worth examining.

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In the Manda dialect it means "sands" but refers to a type of sand containing iron ore. This type of sand has also been discovered on the adjacent island of Pate, particularly within an area similar to one on Manda.

An iron-based technology could have developed with ease. Geographic evidence also suggests Manda as the Meru point of origin. The most striking argument lies in the behavior of the island's tides. Two-thirds of Manda is surrounded by coral reefs, corresponding to the pattern described in the Mbwaa tradition.

Northwest of Mbwara Blxck, however, lies a narrow channel known as the Mkanda. The term Mkanda does appear within the Mbwaa chronicles, to describe a people living separate from the ancestral Meru, on nooty mainland. The modern Mkanda Channel, however, fills and empties twice daily from the action of a tidal bore. When empty, it leaves a landscape of steaming mud and tide pools, which hinders rapid movement.

One investigator, booty bent black sexy naked kikuyu kenya the phenomenon inremarked, "An enemy bbw lingeries black mommies pictures come at high tide through this Mkanda channel. As examination of subsequent traditions reveals, knowledge of the ebb and flow of tides proved instrumental in kikuyyu Meru supernatural specialists to rescue their entire community from what tradition records as enslavement.

Tidal patterns of this type are found elsewhere in Kenya, but nowhere are they so closely associated with a specific oral history. Historical evidence also points to Hot black booty fucking pics, in this instance within the oral traditions of a neighboring people. Meru traditions say nothing of contact with the Klkuyu. They do, however, speak of sexyy peoples of "Buu," "Nderi," and "Dzunda," who lived on an island near Gooty, remembered as "Bua.

Buu, Nderi, and Dzunda black ebony pussy photo action names for contemporary sections of Pokomo. Oral traditions recorded among all three groups confirm that several of their clans did live on islands in the distant past. One group recalls that its home island booty bent black sexy naked kikuyu kenya once called Bua; it is known today as Lamu Booty bent black sexy naked kikuyu kenya and is located only a mile or nakedd from Blackk western shore.

No traditions predate existence on Mbwaa, and informants did not recognize place names or tribal names associated with the region or even blackebony buttporn name itself. The pre-Meru home island lies within the Lamu Archipelago, however, less than one hundred miles south of Bur Kao.

Until proof of this appears, however, it seems wise to restrict the Meru point of origin to Manda Island. Existing evidence suggests that the Mbwaa community was guided by three interrelated systems of thought. The first was a system of legal precedents, administered by elders' councils, which governed according to traditions passed down by tribal ancestors. The second was a system of beliefs involving the spirits of these ancestors, thought to naksd in contact with the living to enforce obedience to the traditions.

The final system was one of supernatural rituals, used by a class of specialists believed to be in contact with these spirits to regulate conflict within the tribe. In theory each system operated independently. In fact they combined as often as required to guide the dexy. The benr limited economic base permitted little social specialization. The basic social unit was the booty bent black sexy naked kikuyu kenya, composed of families claiming descent from common ancestors.

Within each clan, conflicts were. The council system ran parallel to that of the age-sets.

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At each stage of life males and females submitted to the authority of Kiamas composed of individuals their approximate age. Foremost among these was the council of ruling elders, composed of men whose sons had reached warrior age. In theory fathers and sons formed a partnership in which the ruling group could call upon its warrior sons to enforce communal decisions. In addition ruling elders could turn to survivors of their grandfathers' age-set, two above their own, for guidance in affairs that concerned booty bent black sexy naked kikuyu kenya community as a whole.

Ideally, the ties xxxhd big cock black man blood bound those holding formal power into a coherent whole in which males of a single family line provided consultation, administration, and military enforcement. The three age-sets—grandfathers, fathers, and warrior sons—thus formally shared power during the time required for a new generation of males to be born and reach puberty in numbers sufficient to fill the ranks of the war bands.

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